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A True End-To-End Solution

aiAlpha is a true turnkey asset management platform; it is an end-to-end solution for wealth and asset managers. aiAlpha employs the newest advances in technology, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, among others. Unlike a typical technology stack comprised of various service providers with dubious integration capabilities, aiAlpha is a fully integrated system—a deliberate lineation of systems engineered to function at a high level.

This powerful, custom-built technology for advisors, streamlines manager research, modeling, proposal generation, e-signature and account opening in a simple and efficient manner.

Our powerful trading technology enables advisors to develop and manage multiple models (your own and outsourced managers) in a single account across multiple custodians, making it easier to rebalance, track performance and generate reports in minutes what took hours and even days on other platforms. Say goodbye to multiple applications and platforms to manage clients!

aiAlpha’s technology, financial, and service professionals work with RIAs, asset managers, trust companies, insurance companies, and other wealth managers. Our technology is engineered to SCALE and AUTOMATE the most time-consuming tasks, thereby eliminating costly and unnecessary overhead.

aiAlpha Front End


Advisor Dashboard and Workstation: Configured for advisors by advisors, aiAlpha’s dashboard houses everything needed to run a wealth management practice.
Automated, Digital Account Opening: DocuSign
Client Risk Assessment: Ensure portfolios properly align with a client’s risk tolerance. Use aiAlpha’s questionnaire and scoring system or integrate your firm’s assessment system.
Portfolio Builder: Leverage artificial intelligence and efficiently construct client portfolios—SMAs, MFs, ETFs, fixed-income, ESG/SRI, advisor-designed models, option overlays, and alternatives.
Model Changes: Execute intra-day, real-time account model changes.
Robust Portfolio Reporting and Analytics: Intra-day, real-time reports, by the sleeve, down to the individual security level. Prepare for client meetings in minutes, not hours.
Automated SYSTEMS: Scale your business using aiAlpha’s automated billing, on-demand performance reporting, and seamless account opening processes.
aiAlpha Middle Ware


Custodian Agnostic: Wire in data feeds from your preferred custodians.
Trade Order Management: Affect trades across your entire practice and multiple custodians in seconds. Our robust technology and experienced trading desk can execute the most complex trades.
Step-Out Block Trading: Utilize concessions at TD Ameritrade and Schwab to execute block trades through various liquidity providers to attain better execution, which is your fiduciary duty.
Exclusions: Omit specific sectors, securities, or other personal preferences.
Dedicated Service Center for Consultative Support: Automated workflow orders entered through the dashboard will be completed by our service desk. Never deal with custodian portals and call centers again.
Dedicated portfolio manager portal: Easily allows portfolio managers to quickly affect trades across each client account and upload presentations, portfolio updates, and commentaries.
aiAlpha Back End


Experienced Trading Desk: Submit trades with a single click for intra-day execution and reconciliation.
Multi-Custodial Trade Executions: Execute model trades across multiple custodians in seconds.
Re-Balancing/Drift Management: Set parameters to monitor and alert advisors to position movements outside of preset limits, or create thresholds that trigger an automatic re-balancing.
Advanced Sleeve Reporting: Powerful analytical capabilities segregate each strategy by sleeve. Generate on-demand reports for performance reviews at the individual security level. Isolate each strategies’ cash position to ensure performance measurements are not hindered by the co-mingling of all cash within the UMA.
Variable Annuity Sleeve Technology: Execute intra-day, real-time account model changes.
Robust Portfolio Reporting and Analytics: Nationwide (Jefferson National).
Protected Positions: Isolate securities from active models, include them in reports, and exclude them from billing.

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